Next draft of the v2 specifcation

A new copy of the proposed SWORD v2 specification has been posted based on recent feedback from the Technical Advisory Panel: The main changes that were made are as follows: 1/ Changed all relevant instances of URI to IRI. 2/ Provided a better introduction with text from the business case/technical approach document. 3/ Corrected… Read More »

Retirement of old demonstration servers

Since the very first SWORD project, there have been two demonstration SWORD servers provided.  These were funded by the original SWORD project.  They have been in existence for a number of years, and have served as excellent demonstration servers for SWORD clients. However, they have now had to be retired. used to provide a… Read More »

Video introduction to SWORD v2

The team over at have created a nice 2 1/2 minute technical introductory video to the SWORD v2 standard.  You can view it via their blog: The narrator is Richard Jones, the Technical Lead for the SWORD v2 initiative.  The video provides a great high-level introduction to the main technical concepts of the… Read More »

SWORD wikipedia entry

SWORD now has a wikipedia entry! The page does not have much detail on at the moment, so if you have a minute or two, please take a look at the page, and see if you could add / edit / correct / improve / enhance the page.  If you know of any other… Read More »

SWORDv2 Project Plan – Timeline

This is the third in a series of blog posts outlining the SWORDv2 project plan.  This blog post details the proposed timeline of when each work package will take place. The project is split into two phases, an initial research and specification phase, followed by a development and test phase.  During this time a second… Read More »

SWORDv2 Project Plan – Workplans

This is the second in a series of blog posts that is outlining the project plan for the SWORDv2 project.  This post will describe the work packages that will be undertaken over the next 6 months to complete the project. Work package 1: Compile use cases The project will work with the SONEX group to… Read More »

SWORDv2 Project Plan – staff introductions

The SWORDv2 project is now underway.  The next few blog posts will outline the project plan that is being followed.  The first of these blog posts introduces the core team members.  There are three people leading the project, each with a different area of responsibility.  If you ever have any questions about the project, please… Read More »