Happy New Year

Happy New Year, hope you all had a great Christmas. Over December and the first half of January, we’ve been working through the comments and our email discussions to produce a new iteration of the specification for review.  It’s still by no means a finished work, so there’s plenty more scope for alterations, additions and… Read More »

SWORDV3 Community Discussion Document

A SWORD Community Discussion document has been released for comment. You can find them in the SWORD V3 section of this website along previously released technical documentation. To comment, please contact us to get onto the stakeholders list – details can be found an earlier previous post. We aim to start developing some firmer community… Read More »

SWORD V3 First Drafts

The first drafts of the SWORD V3 Technical Specification have been released for comment. You can find them in the SWORD V3 of this website along with guidance for reading the documents and other supporting materials. To comment, please contact us to get onto the stakeholders list – details can be found in the previous… Read More »

SWORDv3 Stakeholders Call

The SWORDV3 project has been funded by Jisc with two key aims for the next generation of the SWORD Protocol: To bring SWORD up-to-date with the developments in the repository sphere in the last 5 years, with alignment to new protocols and new use-cases such as data publishing and complex objects. To establish community and… Read More »

SWORDv2 and DSpace: New Release

Re-posted from: http://cottagelabs.com/news/swordv2-and-dspace-new-release We’re pleased to be able to say that in the last month we’ve been working hard to get the new version of the SWORDv2 java library and the related DSpace module which uses it up to release quality, in time for the DSpace 4.0 release which will be very soon. For DSpace, this… Read More »

SWORDv2 Compliance: how to achieve it?

Our previous post “SWORDv2 Compliance: what is it and why is it good?” introduced some reasons to make your scholarly systems compliant with SWORDv2, and what that really means. This post covers an approach to achieving SWORDv2 compliance for your particular use case(s), using DataStage and DataBank as examples. First, if you are implementing a… Read More »

Extending DMPOnline with SWORDv2

Cottage Labs have written a blog post about their project to add SWORD v2 deposit functionality into the DCC’s DMPOnline tool.  This new feature allows data management plans that have been created to then be deposited into a central repository using SWORD v2.  By using SWORD v2 (rather than SWORD v1), the data management plans… Read More »

SWORD at Open Repositories 2012

The 7th International Conference on Open Repositories in Edinburgh is less than a week away now!  Here is a list of SWORD related presentations at the conference by both the SWORD team, and others: OER: Workshop: Multi-repository Deposit to OER and IR at the Same Time: Monday, 09/Jul/2012: 9:30am – 12:30pm SWORDv2 for research data management:… Read More »